Five More Ways To Give

God has given everything to us, and He wants us to trust Him with our whole lives, including our finances, in return.  At New Day, we want to help you be obedient in your financial life, and so we've made it as easy as we can for you to give!



BANK Online Bill Pay

This is the simplest, fee-free way to give your tithe and offerings.

Access your bank account online. Wording may be different depending on your bank, but this is the overview on how to add your tithe as a “bill” (Some banks have a "charity" option that charges a fee; "bill" is usually free and works perfectly):

  • Find the Bill Pay or Pay Bills Online section. 
  • Add a payee as company named “New Day Community Church.” 
  • For account number, you can use “tithe” or something similar. 
  • New Day's phone: 269-343-2102
  • New Day's address: 3600 Nichols Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49004
  • Your name for the “account holder”
  • Follow prompts. You can choose to send a one-time payment or set up a reoccurring amount.

Give At a New Day Campus

  • Offering Envelopes: you can give cash & checks when the basket is passed in service or at the lockbox in the foyer by the drinking fountain.
  • Nichols Campus iPad: at the Connection Counter you can give with a card.

Text To Give

  • Text 269-679-6208.
  • Click link to fill out one-time secure registration (name, address & card info). After registration you will see a screen that says you've registered and your donation is received.
  • To tithe, just send your amount with a dollar sign like "$150". To designate, just add the info after, "200 Missions".
  • After you've registered, just text that number anytime to give. You'll receive a "Your giving was successful" text as confirmation.

PayPal App

  • Download the PayPal app on your phone.
  • After you log in/sign up, click the “send” button. 
  • Enter 
  • Enter Amount
  • Use message to designate funds
  • Choose “Friend or Family”
  • Confirm amt. & possible fee

Mail a Check

  • Make a check out to "New Day"
  • Mail to the church office at 3600 Nichols Road, Kalamazoo MI 49004
  • Include any designations listed on a separate sheet of paper in the envelope