We are a church that is Loving, Learning & Leading together.


Why does New Day exist? Our purpose is to help you become a disciple of Christ and experience the life-changing results that come from a genuine relationship with Him. Our vision is to be a community of disciples that are extending Christ’s Kingdom, raising up leaders, and planting churches. We do this by being a community that is Loving, Learning & Leading together: Loving God and others, learning all Jesus taught, and leading others to Christ. 

We are one church, that meets at three campuses each weekend: in Kalamazoo at the Nichols Road Campus and Vine Neighborhood Campus, and in Cass County at the Vandalia Campus.



Nichols, Vine & Vandalia Campuses

“Be fruitful and multiply” is the first commandment God gave. It basically means, have sex! But like all the commandments, we often fail in this area. This series will explore how we can cut through the mixed signals and redeem sexuality in our lives. We’ll look to God’s Word to learn how our sexuality can be healthy, pure, and godly.

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Missionary Tim Gordon

Vine Campus & Nichols Campus

Tim Gordon, missionary in Thailand and China, will be in Kalamazoo October 1st and 2nd. Along with his wife Samantha, they lead New Day Chiang Mai, which ministers through a variety of methods, including gatherings, praying at hospitals and the red light districts. 

Don’t miss hearing from Tim, at Vine 10/1 at 7 PM & Sunday at Nichols, 9 & 11 AM.

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