We are a church that is Loving, Learning & Leading together.


Why does New Day exist? Our purpose is to help you become a disciple of Christ and experience the life-changing results that come from a genuine relationship with Him. Our vision is to be a community of disciples that are extending Christ’s Kingdom, raising up leaders, and planting churches. We do this by being a community that is Loving, Learning & Leading together: Loving God and others, learning all Jesus taught, and leading others to Christ. 

We are one church, that meets at three campuses each weekend: in Kalamazoo at the Nichols Road Campus and Vine Neighborhood Campus, and in Cass County at the Vandalia Campus.



Paul wrote most of the New Testament, and mostly in the form of letters to actual churches. In this series we will look at one of those letters, to a church not unlike our church. Much has changed in 2000 years, but the message of this letter rings as true today as it did when it was written.  

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REvival Weekend - Aug. 13 & 14

John Arnott & Dan Slade from Catch the Fire and Partners in Harvest Network are coming for a weekend focused on increasing the miraculous presence of God in our lives and city! If your hungry for revival in Kalamazoo and the surrounding regions, plan to attend!

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