Our Purpose

Why does New Day exist? Our purpose is to help you become a disciple of Christ and experience the life-changing results that come from a genuine relationship with Him. Our vision is to be a community of disciples that are extending Christ’s Kingdom, raising up leaders, and planting churches. 

We do this by being a community that is Loving, Learning & Leading together. We meet at three campuses each weekend, in Kalamazoo (Nichols Campus), Vine Neighborhood and Vandalia. 

At New Day: Loving Learning & Leading

Everything at New Day is about showing God's love and truth in a way that gets you filled up to make a difference in the lives of those around you. Check out the FAQ, written by our senior pastor, for a better look at what Sundays are like!

Jesus called all Christians to love God with all we have, love others as ourselves and to lead others to relationship with Him.  These callings are often known as The Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

At New Day, we live the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission by Loving, Learning, and Leading—loving God and others, learning all Jesus taught, and leading others to Christ.


Worship: Worship is one of the key terms that define our relationship with God, a way we show our love to Him, so it is integral to New Day. Most services begin with singing praises to God in worship, and this sets the tone for everything else we do. We also learn that worship is so much more than singing—it can be anything done with the purpose of bringing God glory and showing others His character. Around the church, you will see photography and art that were created as acts of worship, and people loving on each other through serving on SERVE Teams, like Children's Ministry or the Welcoming Team. 

Friends and Family: Community is a vital aspect of New Day. Friendships and family are core to one's spiritual health, and we emphasize developing healthy interpersonal relationships. Community Groups are an excellent way to build relationships with friends and family! (See the Community Group brochure and display for more information.) We also have multiple events throughout the year where we get to fellowship together, like Church at the Camp, and Christmas Party.


Life Application Teaching: We prioritize teaching Biblical truth that is directly applicable to real life in every teaching setting, from Kids' Church to Sunday teachings and beyond. Every Sunday you'll hear a message from our pastors and leaders on our rotating teaching team. These teachings are intentionally prepared to directly apply to your life, no matter how "new" or how "seasoned" you are in your faith. We also offer classes (usually when Community Groups are on break) that can help you go deeper in different aspects of your life, from Hearing God's voice to Financial Freedom and more.

Hearing God/Rhema Ministry: We believe knowing the voice of God is vital to spiritual growth. We teach that everyone can hear God as a normal part of your life as a Christian. Every Sunday after the service Rhema and Prayer ministries are available to bless and encourage you in your relationship with God. (See the Rhema Ministry brochure for more information.)


Outreach: New Day is a church that gets each member equipped to reach others with the love of Christ. We provide opportunities for you to bless Kalamazoo, like our monthly food & clothing drives, as well as to bless the world, like missions trips. We have a strong relationship with our sister church Hope International Fellowship in Japan, and we have gone on many missions trips there in the past years. Other missions trips have taken teams to over a dozen countries and locations, including Morocco, Mexico, West Virginia, Turkey, and a youth trip to Baltimore, MD. The people at New Day also financially bless local and international missions regularly.

Discipleship: Learn new skills and truths to be able to experience even more with Christ and how to better share your faith. Learn more about your God-given gifts and how to use them to bless those around you. Check out the Community Group, Discipleship Track and Wellspring information to see what is being offered!