3:20 & Beyond

Taking the steps to move forward in faith and to grow spiritually and numerically 



Our goal is for each New Day congregation to overcome its current limiting factor, so that all three grow and become more effective in reaching our communities. This will position us to launch more churches. To do this we need to raise a significant amount of money. We plan this to be a positive experience, and be as much about spiritual growth as about raising money.  Giving is an act of worship and an indicator of our walk with Christ. Don’t ask, “How much should I give?”, but rather “What does God want to do through me?” Let’s believe that God can do more through us than we think.  

3:20 & Beyond Objectives:

  • Pay off Nichols Mortgage - DONE! 3/20/18

  • Purchase Vine Adjacent Lot

  • Pay off Vine’s Mortgage - DONE! 2/20/19

  • Increase Vine Staffing Budget

  • Pay off Vandalia Land Contract

  • Add Staffing at Vandalia Campus

  • Improvements at Vine facility

  • Nichols expansion with entrance, foyer, classrooms & bathrooms

July 2019 Update from Pastor Cameron

Update: Campaign total raised from 12/1/17 through 12/31/18, 13 months: $238,137.74! We are making headway in many of the objectives listed above! Thank you for continuing to give as we move forward!