Adult Ministries

Here at New Day, we want to take you to the next level in your relationship with God and with others. Attending our weekend services is just the start--if you're ready to see greater growth, it's time to get connected in one of the ways below.

Discipleship Track

Nichols campus

Discipleship Track is a series of classes that teach the basic principles of Christianity as well as the core values of New Day Community Church. The Discipleship Tracks are set up in four, rotating, 5-week classes that are repeated throughout the year and can be taken in any order. A new class will begin every 2 months. They are taught by the pastoral staff and meet in various member's homes or at the Nichols Campus. The four classes are:

CORE - Which includes topics like: The Bible, God & Jesus
COMMUNITY - Which includes topics like: The church, forgiveness, and our identity in Christ
CONNECTION - Which includes topics like: The Holy Spirit, Prayer, and how to read the Bible
CONVICTIONS - Which includes topics like: The return of Jesus, the Spiritual Realm, and discipleship.

Contact the church office at 269-343-2102 with questions or to join!

Life Groups

Nichols Campus

The purpose of Life Groups are to be the church through Fellowship, Discipleship and Outreach. Every group has at least one of these as a focus—most are a combination! Everyone is encouraged to participate in at least one group, and may join several. “Semesters” last 4 months, then we have a sign-up Sunday for a new set of Life Groups, but you may join at any time.

  • Fall Semester: September - December
  • Winter Break: January & February
  • Spring Semester: March - June
  • Summer Break: July & August 

Tuesday Night Discipleship Class

Vandalia Campus

Our Tuesday night service is a way to get practical teaching and go deeper in your faith while building friendships. This service is a discipleship class with WorldChangers School, led by Dale Stoll, and is free and open for anyone to attend, and anyone can jump it at any point in a semester.